Website SEO

Most traffic to websites comes via search engines and the majority of this is from links from the first page of Google’s search results so optimising a website to feature on that first page is important. Without SEO, a website would be hard to find and wouldn’t stand out in search engine results.

Design apply SEO to all the websites we build. We research into which key words and phrases are relevant for a website and are actually being used by its potential visitors. Then we use SEO techniques to get the website to rank well for those keywords.

SEO is Part of our Web Design Process

We ensure that SEO is incorporated from start to finish when we design a website. Each web page design is optimised around carefully chosen keywords and the content is worded to naturally emphasise SEO relevant text.

It is up to our clients how much emphasis they want to put into SEO for their website but even a very basic site will have some SEO. All web pages we make have search engine optimised page titles, descriptions and headings. However, more in-depth SEO also involves a wide range of other techniques and a painstaking, methodical process.

The Right Kind of SEO

We use White Hat SEO techniques that are recommended and approved by Google and avoid any Black Hat SEO which could make a website appear to be spam or cause it to be penalised in search engine rankings.

We use SEO to show potential visitors that a website is obviously relevant to them by identifying what keywords people search for when looking for services offered by our client; and prominently featuring those keywords in the preview information a search engine shows people when they search.

We only target our SEO at visitors who are appropriate to the site we are optimising. We want a website to be found by the people who want to find it and who will actually be interested in its content. We do this by making the content of a website interesting for the people who we want to target and by making it instantly clear what the website is about for people who come across it in search engine results.