Our Culture

If Everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself

Our Mission

To help clients and startups in achieving their business goals through digitization, innovation, and appropriate counselling in order to achieve success through IT solutions and services.

Our Vision

Rich Webs is well on its way to being the chosen web design firm known all over the world by providing backbone services and solutions to solve IT issues.
Rich webs heading together
``Success will take care of itself if everyone is moving ahead together.``


Our basic beliefs have established a distinct and dynamic corporate culture after more than a decade in the industry. We are a flourishing community in a peaceful work environment, and this culture is here to stay as we continue to grow together.
We are


We are a fun-loving group of young professionals made up of recent graduates as well as seasoned team members. We attend “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” training classes to match our Rich Webs values and work ethics in order to become a more unified team. Our staff enjoy a pleasant and pleasurable atmosphere thanks to engaging team building events, monthly business lunches, and other interesting bonding activities.
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Our excellent teamwork encourages effective interdepartmental communication, which allows operational procedures to run smoothly. Each team member is encouraged and empowered to take responsibility for their job. Should a problem occur during the process, management is ready to assist the team in resolving it.

We are forward-thinking and adjust our business policies to meet future demands. The way we adjusted our rules during COVID-19 is a good illustration of this.

Long before the Circuit Breaker was announced, additional methods were implemented, such as enabling half of the staff to work from home.
Flexible employment methods were sought to provide employees more peace of mind and to allow employees who needed to return to their home countries for personal reasons to continue working with us.

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We are a firm that is focused on achieving outcomes. Promotions are given out on the basis of merit and success. When faced with new conditions, Key Performance Indicators guide and concentrate our efforts as we seek to achieve them with forethought and adaptability.
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Being proactive is one of the key values we enforce at the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” training and is an essential part of our company culture. We encourage all team members to use their initiative to make a positive difference to the team and our clients.
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We mean what we say, as a result of our key value, Integrity. Because we mention all deliverables for the benefit of our clients, our quotes are thorough and detailed. We keep our promises to our employees and hold ourselves accountable in the same way. We guarantee that if we make a commitment, we will keep it to the best of our abilities.
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Our most valuable asset is our people. Individual team members, Team Leaders, Project Managers, and Directors all contribute to a culture of gratitude that pervades the organisation. Deserving workers get Appreciation Letters signed by management, Certificates of Achievement, Anniversary Gifts, and Employee of the Year awards as a form of acknowledgment and appreciation of a job well done, as well as motivation for others to achieve.
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How can we prepare for the unexpected in the digital world, which is always evolving? Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, as Steve Jobs put it. We firmly promote continual self-improvement via hands-on learning in order to remain dynamic and adaptable while addressing future problems. We offer all workers with the appropriate tools and resources, such as our own corporate Udemy account, to acquire new skills that are relevant to their jobs.

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