iOS and Android Mobile App Development

iOS and Android Mobile App Development Services in India

iOS and Android Mobile App Development Services in India

Mobile platforms allow you to connect with your audience in a more intimate and engaging way.

Businesses have been investing in this platform to guarantee that their sites are not just responsive, but also mobile-optimized, with more than 50% of internet traffic taking place on mobile devices. Small, mid-size, and large businesses have recognized that mobile trends are growing more popular by the day.

Native Mobile Apps Development

It’s no surprise that with over 2.2 million applications on the iOS App Store and 3 million on the Android Google Play Store, and an average of 197 billion mobile app downloads in 2017, it’s time for businesses to build native apps. Native mobile applications, unlike WebView apps, are not bound by HTML5 and other website technologies. They also provide the finest user experience and responsiveness because they were designed specifically for that platform.

Native gives developers access to the whole feature set of their platform, including fully customizable functionality and performance enhancements. Developers have complete access to smartphone hardware and software integration, including cameras, animations, tabs, menus, and other features.


  • Because they were created specifically for that platform, they are quick and responsive.
  • Provides the greatest results
  • Apps are available in-app shops.
  • In terms of user input and output, it’s more engaging, intuitive, and operates more smoothly.
  • Because they follow particular UI standards for each platform, Flow is more natural.
  • There is no need for an internet connection (depends on the functionality)
  • A better overall user experience

Rich Webs provides a full suite of end-to-end in-house development:

  • iOS and Android development in-house
  • Custom Agile / Hybrid Waterfall-Agile Process for User Experience Design
  • Service from beginning to end
  • Deployment on the App Store
  • Support & Maintenance