Why Advertise on PayTM?

Welcome to the gateway of unparalleled digital advertising opportunities. Advertising on PayTM provides you with a direct pathway to connect with millions of engaged users across India. As the foremost digital platform in the country, PayTM offers a diverse range of advertising solutions tailored to meet your marketing objectives.

Vast User Base

333mn+ Registered Audience, PayTM serves as a prime avenue to showcase your brand to a vast and diverse audience.

Targeted Campaigns

Benefit from prominent placements across PayTM's app and website, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand and offerings.

Performance Tracking

Like 200+ happy advertisers track performance of your campaigns in real-time. Track key metrics such as impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Gain Brand Visibility and Sales

Advertising Solutions

● Garner attention to your brand’s offers and drive incremental user action
● Attractive banner size and offer content for enhanced visibility
● Creative to deal strategy to enabling quicker decisions & driving transactions
● Seamless external and internal redirection with third party tracking enabled

Enhance share of visibility & relevant reach via banners

● Ensure Brand recall through deals of the day
● Hot Deals must have the most premium offer (minimum 50% off) followed by Deals Catalog &
Scratch cards
● To participate in Hot Deals and Deals Catalog the consumer value benefit (in absolute terms)
should be more than the brand offer for Scratch Cards inventory
● Hot Deals can be redeemed by the users by using their CB points or monetary value – high
intent indicator

Exclusive Deals & Hot deals

360 degree marketing solution that leverages “real time experience” to convert the user

DealSpot Banners: Intuitive UX | Unique Codes



Ready to elevate your brand’s visibility and reach new heights with PayTM advertising? Get in touch with our team today to explore the myriad opportunities available. Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, we’re here to help you succeed in the digital landscape.

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